Tuesday, December 30, 2014

My new journey

I've decided, once again, to tackle my weight issue. This time, it is totally for me. I know that my family and friends love me no matter what size I am. However, my health, as I get older, is worse than what it should be, and I know it is because of my weight. I want to be healthy again, I want to be happy with myself again, and I want to fit into the closet of clothes I call my "skinny closet".

I decided that all of the "plans" aren't working for me. Although Weight Watchers helped me lose 70 pounds a few years ago, it didn't help me keep it off. I needed to start something that would be more of a life change than a planned diet.

Enter my BFF, Andrea! She asked me if I would be her accountability partner as she tries to lose weight, also. It seemed like a great idea, so I said yes. She texts me every time she eats something and I text her whenever I eat something. Seems simple, but it really makes a difference. We have been doing this for just a few days and I can see my attitude towards food changing - if I am going to have to confess to eating this, is it really worth it? Sometimes it is, and we talk about what to do to counteract the decision, but more often, it isn't.

As we have been doing this, I have also seen that I'm not only saving calories, I'm saving money, as well. I am going to try to post updates on this blog with the choices I'm making, both to remind me later, but also in case my choices might resonate with others.


Before all of this started, I visited Starbucks at least once a day and often, twice. My morning drink is a Grade soy latte, which costs about $5 and is around 170 calories. To be honest, I almost always get a banana walnut bread, as well, which adds $3 and a whopping 425 calories.

My choice yesterday was to brew my own Starbucks Cinnamon Dolce K-cup in my Keurig. The K-cups are 50 cents (these are only 25 cents because I bought them on a B1G1F special). I also decided I wasn't really hungry for breakfast, so I saved between $4.75 and $7.75 and only took in 5 calories!


Again, I saved my $4.75 by making my own coffee. This morning, I was hungry for breakfast.

What I wanted: McDonald's Egg McMuffin (300 calories) $3.00 + Grande soy latte (170 calories) $5.00 for a total of 470 calories and $8.00.

What I had:

Thomas Multigrain Lite English Muffin 50 cents 100 calories
1 egg, fried in canola oil with spinach on top 10 cents 92 calories
Cinnamon Dolce K-cup 25 cents, 5 calories

for a total of 197 calories and 85 cents.

Savings: 273 calories and $7.15!